What’s in a (domain) name?

Acquiring and managing domain names can be frustrating and time consuming. The staff at Webpress can manage this aspect of your business needs.

We provide three services outlined below, related to domain names:

  • Acquiring a new domain name
  • Transferring registration of a domain name
  • Renewing existing domain names


Acquiring Domain Names

Let us assist you in the acquisition of a domain name.  If you are building a new web site and do not yet have a domain name or a dedicated host, we can arrange hosting for you.

If you do have a hosting provider, but need a new domain name, we can help you obtain that, by giving directions, or acquiring the domain name for you as a service. Domain names typically cost about $15 per year.


Transferring Registration

We can help you transfer an existing domain name to a new web host service. This is a tedious task that sometimes requires research of ownership and transfer methods. No two registrars have the same requirements. Let us take that hassle out of your hands. Simply provide us with as much information you have from the initial agreements, and we will complete the process for you.


Renewing Existing Domain Names

Let us manage your domain name renewals. Are you tired of those annoying annual reminders that tell you your domain is about to expire? They never seem to give you enough information about renewing, causing you to put off that troublesome job until the last minute. Webpress can manage this aspect of your web needs. We can coordinate the renewals and simply bill you as payments are automatically made for your site. You will never have to worry again.