Why Your Website Should Stand Out from Others

Just a few years ago, it probably wasn’t as important that your website design be uniquely different from your competitor, but today, your website is your first impression to your next customer. A simple website with your basic details was probably enough to get you by. But times have changed, and so has the way consumers are buying.

Research indicates that more than 80% of internet users research products and services before they commit to a purchase.


Imagine you are looking for a pet boarding service. You search in Google and click on the top two choices. Choice A is a little drab and doesn’t have a very professional display. The information you are looking for is there, but isn’t easy to find. In no way does this website get you excited to contact them, so you close the window.

Choice B is amazing. The design is sharp and modern. The first thing you notice is a happy pet bounding around grassy fields. You instantly feel that they provide high quality pet boarding. All of your questions are easily found and clearly answered. It’s easy to schedule an appointment. This is the place for you.

If you are the owner of Site A, you may not know that you’re losing business. All the information is there, and you know you offer a wonderful, high quality service. Surely people will know that? Not necessarily.

We all like to think that we analyze and make rational decisions based on information at hand, but in reality our emotions greatly influence our decisions*.  People are contacting Site B because they feel better about what they see. Site A is losing potential clients because they are being perceived as cheap or out of touch, even if the reality is different.


What will a better website actually do for my business?

How are people currently using your website? How do you want them to use it? If your website isn’t generating business for you, something’s wrong with your website and your marketing angle.  A well performing website does exactly what you need it to – generate leads, answer questions, attract reservations, get the word out, etc.

Our web design team is ready to help you plan an online marketing strategy and translate that into a website that converts visitors into customers.

Think of your website an an employee. The perfect employee, really.  It works 24/7, always sends out the right information no matter how many times you update it, attracts new customers. A better website leads to better business.

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