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Webpress is an award-winning WordPress design and development firm.

Until recently, WordPress was primarily considered a blogging platform but it has evolved into a flexible and powerful content management system, capable of running almost any type of website.

We have built and currently maintain a large number of WordPress sites, ranging from small websites, thousand-page monster projects and high profile blogs to complex e-commerce systems.

Our WordPress Designers are experts in designing new WordPress websites and converting existing websites to use the WordPress platform.

Wordpress Website Development

Why WordPress?

We are huge fans of WordPress at Webpress. Over the last few years, the majority of the websites that we’ve produced have been built on the WordPress.org platform.

Historically, WordPress was seen as primarily a platform for bloggers without the sophistication and security required by business websites. This is no longer true. The fact that WordPress has roots in the blogging community is, in fact, a massive strength: bloggers need the ability to log in and publish an article as quickly as possible. WordPress can bring that simplicity and speed to all facets of your website.

  • Secure: When properly implemented, WordPress can provide enterprise grade security. We routinely harden our WordPress installations to keep them secure and provide clients with updates and monitoring to keep their data secure.
  • SEO Friendly: Sites built on WordPress tend to rank well in search engine results as WordPress produces ‘Google friendly’ code by default. We are experienced in setting up and fine tuning WordPress sites for optimal SEO performance.
  • User Friendly: The WordPress CMS is famously intuitive and easy to use. Better still, it’s being continually improved and updated so you will always have access to the latest functionality on your website.

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